6.819/6.869: Advances in Computer Vision

Fall 2018

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Course Overview

This course covers fundamental and advanced domains in computer vision, covering topics from early vision to mid- and high-level vision, including basics of machine learning and convolutional neural networks for vision.


Sept 1, 2018: Welcome to 6.819/6.869!

Make sure to check out the course info below, as well as the schedule for updates. The course unit is 3-0-9 (Graduate H-level, Area II AI TQE). The prerequisites of this course is 6.041 or 6.042; 18.06. Good luck with your semester!

Course Information

Course Instructors

Teaching Assistants

Please use the course Piazza page for all communication with the teaching staff

Abigail Russell
Yonglong Tian
Ruizhi Liao
Ifueko Igbinedion
Yue Wang
Stephen Li

Time and Classroom

9:30-11:00 every Tuesday and Thursday in 34-101

Office Hours

Check piazza and stellar for announcements about temporaty OH changes

Bill: Monday 1-2pm, 32-D476
Ifueko, Yue: Monday 5-6pm 36-153
Phillip: Tuesday 1-2pm, 34-303
Yonglong, Abigail: Wednesday 1-2pm 36-144
Stephen, Ray: Thursday 11am-12pm 34-303
Antonio: Friday 4:30-5:30pm

Grading Policy

Psets: 60%
Final project: 40%