6.819/6.869: Advances in Computer Vision

Spring 2021

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This schedule is preliminary and subject to change as the term evolves.

Course notes:

Lecture Date Topic Instructor Course Materials Assignments
Week 1
1 Wed 02/17/2021 Introduction. Simple Vision Systems Phillip slides (keynote)
slides (pdf)
admin slides

2."Simple Vision System"
Week 2
2 Mon 02/22/2021 Describing the Signal: pinhole, computational, and corner cameras. Bill slides (keynote)
slides (pptx)
slides (pdf)
bill_intro (keynote)
bill_intro (pdf)

pset1 out
3 Wed 02/24/2021 Geometry, Stereo, Intrinsic-Extrinsic Camera Parameters. Bill slides (keynote)
slides (pptx)
slides (pdf)

TUT Thu 02/25/2021 Python Tutorial (16:00-18:00 ET) Toru materials (download folder, unzip, upload folder to GDrive)
TUT Fri 02/26/2021 Python Tutorial (10:30-12:30 ET) Wei-Chiu materials (download folder, unzip, upload folder to GDrive)
Week 3
4 Mon 03/01/2021 Signal Processing Antonio slides (keynote)
slides (pdf)

12."Linear Image Filtering"
13."Fourier Analysis"
5 Wed 03/03/2021 Spatial Linear Filters Bill slides (keynote)
slides (pdf)
slides (pptx)

"Spatial Filters"
pset1 due
pset2 out
Week 4
6 Tue 03/09/2021 Temporal Linear Filters Bill
7 Wed 03/10/2021 Multi-Scale Pyramids Bill pset2 due
pset3 out
Week 5
8 Mon 03/15/2021 Introduction to Machine Learning Phillip
9 Wed 03/17/2021 Neural Networks Phillip pset3 due
TUT Wed 03/17/2021 Pytorch Tutorial (15:00-17:00 ET) Yen-Chen
TUT Fri 03/19/2021 Pytorch Tutorial (10:00-12:00 ET) Shawn
Week 6
10 Wed 03/24/2021 Stochastic Gradient Descent, Back Propogation Phillip pset4 out
Week 7
11 Mon 03/29/2021 Spatial NNs, CNNs, visualization of weights Phillip
12 Wed 03/31/2021 Mechanisms of training and running networks Phillip pset4 due
Miniplaces Challenge Part 1 out
TUT Fri 04/02/2021 AWS Tutorial (19:00-21:00 ET) Steven
Week 8
13 Mon 04/05/2021 Temporal NNs, RNNs, LSTMs, Attention Phillip
TUT Mon 04/05/2021 AWS Tutorial (17:00-19:00 ET) Eric
14 Wed 04/07/2021 Representation Learning Phillip Miniplaces Challenge Part 1 due
Week 9
15 Mon 04/12/2021 Scene Understanding Phillip Final project proposal due
Miniplaces Challenge Part 2 out
16 Wed 04/14/2021 Vision for Embodied Agents Phillip
Week 10
17 Wed 04/21/2021 EHT and Image Priors Bill Miniplaces Challenge Part 2 due
Week 11
18 Mon 04/26/2021 Statistical Models for Images, Texture Bill pset5 out
19 Wed 04/28/2021 Image Synthesis: structured prediction, generative models, GANs, autoregressive models Phillip
Week 12
20 Mon 05/03/2021 Probabilistic Graphical Models Bill pset5 due
pset6 out
21 Wed 05/05/2021 Fairness / ethics in CV Olga Russakovsky (Princeton)
Week 13
22 Mon 05/10/2021 How to do research; How to write papers; How to give talks Bill, Phillip pset6 due
23 Wed 05/12/2021 Datasets, curation, biases and domain adaptation Phillip
Week 14
24 Mon 05/17/2021 Invited talk Geoff Hinton (U. Toronto)
25 Wed 05/19/2021 Final Project Presentations
Thu 05/20/2021 Final Project Writeup due